Monday, April 30, 2007

tree fishing

Today's theme song:

I'm not sure how it came about. We came home from the gym saturday morning (John and I joined the local Y--they provide free child care!) and I then ran back out to the dry cleaners. Ten minutes later I was back home and John and the girls were in the yard and he was putting the finishing touches on the last of 3 fishing poles, made from twigs and twine. Some corn cob pipes, a raft, and a traveling companion named Jim would have completed the picture nicely (not to mention, some water, and, ah, fish), but it was pretty humorous as it was.

The twins kept "casting" their lines at the various trees in an effort to "catch" them. Those poor trees didn't stand a chance. Occasionally lines became entangled and tempers got testy. A little while later John got some small animal toys in the house and tied one to everyone's poles, so they brought in a good catch for their efforts.

In quite the turnaround in overall refinement for the weekend, Grandma dug out some princess paraphernalia for the girls to dress up in at her house on sunday. Sparkling heels, tiaras, and scepters galore. Good grief.

Allison even walked by John and me and gave us the "beauty queen" wave. The first time I thought it was a fluke, but there was no doubting it by the third time.

I guess the little princesses don't know about, or don't trust, hired help when it comes to their horsies because they took them outside to graze in Grandma's hedge for a while before dinner. The horsies were mighty hungry, or the hedge needed trimming, or both.

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