Sunday, April 8, 2007

no added sugar

Saturday Erin started another new class for the next few weeks--a tap and ballet dance class for kids age 3-5, her first dance class of any sort and she was very excited. Nearly all the other little girls had dance leotards and real tap shoes. Gimme a break, I'm not shelling out for that stuff at this point. Before class started music was playing and Erin got going right away.

They started with some tap basics first, then forming this sort of conga line to walk around and practice the new skills, which didn't work at all. The kids just walked and looked around confusingly. A couple of kids fell down because of their tap shoes on the slippery dance floor, and the domino effect ensued. Comical to be sure, but a good teaching technique? What do I know. This was actually a substitute teacher for just today. We'll see what the permanent teacher comes up with.

Well the easter bunny visited our house and on the girls' behalf he also left deposits at Uncle Jeff's, Grandma's, and Uncle Brad's house. The girls made out like chocolate-coated bandits. At one point I caught Allison feeding Kate treats until her cheeks were puffed out and chocolate was running down her chin. "Get a napkin!" John shouted as he held his hand out to collect drippings. But then he revisited that thought, "...or, get the camera, then a napkin!"

Then we went to Uncle Jeff's house for a some egg-dying and an egg hunt, which the kids made very quick work of.

Jeff and Grandma prepared a fantastic lunch and both Kate and Allison liked Grandma's deviled eggs and homemade rolls, and Kate just about gorged herself on ham. "More Pam! More Pam!" she kept shouting. She ate about half of my serving then another big portion that John cut up for her. Allison had a couple of bites. Erin, as usual, wouldn't try much of anything. We left there with another abundance of sugary things and a new little purse for each from Grandma.

Later on Uncle Brad came over with baskets and......more goodies! "I thought of filling them with apple slices and veggies," he mentioned, "but then I thought what the heck." I have admit I would have done the same. Leave it to the parents to push the veggies, uncles are entitled to supply treats, no question. The trick was keeping an eye on Kate while Allison and Erin were busy playing with Brad. She kept taking advantage of the distraction that having company brings by sneaking off with her basket to devour the contents in private, and all too close to dinner time.

Here is a fun photo from today of Allison giving a ride to her bunny, while getting a ride from daddy.

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Queen Bee said...

And this is why you make a much more sensible girls Mom than I ever would! I would have had tutu's in 4 different colors with leotards to match before the first day of dance class. And even I know deep down that that would be ridiculous! Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who basically let her kids go to town on chocolate today! Happy Easter :)