Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ni hao

John's in China on business this week, all week, thus our lives have been turned upside down because if you look up "daddy's girl" you will see my daughters. Yesterday at daycare Allison and Kate apparently were talking about daddy all day long. Last night, today, tonight, all 3 were asking for him, and about him, constantly. "Daddy's in a big airplane...in the SKY!" Kate informed me when I picked her up yesterday. During most days at home together someone will ask about daddy at some point, but one of the others will remind her, "daddy's at work" and that's usually the end of it. They all seem to understand that this week is going to be different.

Besides the big glaring absence of the center of my girls' entire universe, things were entirely normal today. We had fun with friends at the park, we did puzzles and read, I broke up WWE wrestling in my living room a few hundred times. Erin tried a new reading game I got for her recently. She had to connect cards together like jigsaw puzzle pieces when you find the two pieces that make a sentence that rhymes. "A moth" & "sits on a cloth". So you do have to read to be able to figure out what goes with what. Erin did very well by slowly sounding out many words as she doesn't recognize most of their spellings yet.

While I made dinner she occupied the twins for me by reading to them and though she was conveying the story here accurately, this was mostly memorization.

I told the girls I'd video them so they could send daddy a message:

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