Tuesday, April 17, 2007

bubbly bug bonanza

I'm thinking we need some mood music here, so if you would, hit play. (Don Ho, rest in peace...)

That's better. Quinton brought a bubble making set-up to the park today and it was a big hit with everyone. Neither Kate nor Allison were very good at blowing bubbles but they had help. They were successful at proving something that might seem very unlikely upon first thought--too much soap can actually make you thoroughly filthy. Good work, girls.

During a snack break the kids neatly divided into a girls' and boys' seating area, which I think was initially coincidental but they noticed it quickly and teased each other back and forth about which side was favorable. And so it begins.

But good friends don't let squabbles go on for too long, especially when it's obvious to everyone that the girls' side was, and always will be, way cooler.
But our gang had important work to do, like examining a large and unfortunate roly-poly bug. I always called them potato bugs, but whatever. Neither is a very flattering term I guess.

After poking it repeatedly to observe it curl up Rylan posed with it on the tip of his finger for everyone to marvel. And Allison was anxious for her turn as well. Erin kept her distance, but was fascinated.

I'll leave you with some buggy poetry (this entry is just brimming with art and culture isn't it?)

There are bugs in your carpet and bugs in your hair.
There are millions and billions of bugs everywhere.
They will eat up your trees,
They will dig up your lawn.
You can squash all you can, but they'll never be gone.
They will dive in your food.
They will hide in your bed.
You will never get rid of your bugs.
So instead-- Ask them kindly not to bite.
Do not wash them from your hair.
Let them know you'll treat them right.
Learn to love them.
Show you care.
You might as well--
They're everywhere.
--Rick Walton

Bugs suck.

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