Thursday, April 26, 2007

"octagon is my favorite"

Erin had her kindergarten assessment interview this morning. A teacher took her into another room while I filled out a couple of forms and kept the twins occupied. There was a window in the room so I saw some of what went on but I couldn't hear much of anything.

She wrote the numbers from 1 to 10, she wrote her name, she pointed out various letters she was asked about in either upper or lower case, she was a given a paper with various shapes drawn on it and asked to color each one in with a different color and to name the shapes and colors. "Octagon is my favorite," she told the teacher, "why isn't there an octagon?"

Then the teacher showed her a card with words on it and when she was finished and came out I asked her about that part. Erin said the teacher asked her if she knew the words there and wanted to read them for her, and if she didn't know them it was ok, she didn't have to read.

"So did you read them?" I wondered.
"Well, I saw 'cat' and 'fox' and 'hat' and 'dog' but I didn't read them."
"Why not?"
"She said I didn't have to, and I didn't feel like it."

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