Saturday, May 5, 2007

the cupcake dance

I failed to get it on film, but it was cute. Erin and I made cupcakes for Danielle's birthday and Erin said, "I'm going to be SO excited when it's time to eat the cupcakes, that I'm going to do a cupcake dance!" And then she gave me a demonstration. That girl is definitely white.

Thursday we had a little pizza party for Danielle in the backyard and invited some of the moms and kids we see every week who have gotten to know Danielle pretty well.

Pizza and watermelon and cupcakes may just comprise the messiest meal possible, although it's a tough call since the twins can manage get dirty while they sleep, somehow.

Speaking of dancing, today was another dance class. My friend Betsy gave Erin a leotard that her daughter had outgrown and it fit perfectly, so Erin didn't look like the white trash party crasher that she did last time, and I therefore got fewer second glances from the other parents. This time she was more of a black sheep, literally, as she stood out from the crowd in several ways and still was without proper tap or ballet shoes.

Nothing that goes on in there really looks like dance training to me. Kiddie pre-aerobics maybe....maybe. To me, it just looks like an excuse to dress up your little girls in fancy outfits and shoes. I'm clearly unsophisticated.

Okay, I can understand walking while balancing the bean bag on your head, but what does galloping while holding the bean bag teach?

And just like last class, the most challenging aspect for most of the girls was just staying upright on that slippery dance floor with their tap shoes on. Maybe that's the real lesson and perhaps the mark of a natural dancer. Without those shoes, Erin didn't have that particular challenge to deal with, and maybe that's a good thing.

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