Friday, April 20, 2007

ladies and the tramps

Since it was a cold, windy, threatening to be rainy day, some of our friends invited us along on a new indoor adventure, to an all trampoline play area. Someone took a huge warehouse and put about a zillion tramps inside. Mercifully there was two areas sectioned off for little kids and their parents. Not so wonderful was the fact that the dodgeball area...yes, that's dodgeball on trampolines, was just a few feet from it. Kate and Erin almost wandered in there a couple of times and I don't think the teens who were playing for blood would have had any trouble taking advantage of such easy targets.

The tramps are all adjacent to one another including ones that are sloped against the walls, just in case the horizontal surfaces aren't challenging enough.

It was sooooooo much fun. Ah, I mean, you know, for the kids. I tried to get some good pictures but the place had no natural light at all and the huge space was too much for my little flash to illuminate. So most of my pictures turned out pretty cruddy. And besides that I discovered when you take pictures of someone jumping it mostly just looks like they're standing still with a dopey look on their face. Dopier than normal, I mean.

Next to the kiddie tramps was a gigantic area filled with blue foam cubes to dive into from the tramps. Erin called it the ocean. It was far, far, far bigger than I captured in this photo, with Allison climbing out of it.

We only paid for an hour of playtime, which ended up being plenty considering we went there immediately following the twins' gymnastics class. Then we left and had lunch with our friends and with the addition of full tummies the twins' exhaustion was obvious. They crashed hard and took a long, solid nap. I, er, we, want to go back someday.

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