Tuesday, May 29, 2007

out on the town

Today we went to the children's museum with Aunt Sue and cousin Lucy. Erin took a preschool field trip there a couple of months ago, the twins hadn't been there in a long time, so it was fun for everyone. A few times Lucy looked like she was trying to follow her cousins but they were quickly running from exhibit to exhibit and Lucy had her own distractions to explore.

K&A were commissioned to do a mural at one point. Fine work, no thanks to the exceptionally dim museum staffer in the art area.
me: looks like they might be 'righties' like their sister
dumb museum lady: huh?
me: their sister, over there, is right-handed
dumb museum lady: all three?
me: I think so
dumb museum lady: all three girls?
me: yes
dumb museum lady: are they all yours?
me: ah, yeah
dumb museum lady: did you, like, adopt some of them?
me: no
dumb lady: so they're natural?
(me walking away)

Using this shell, Allison was reminded of the ocean from saturday.

Here, it's hard to tell which the twins enjoyed more: my demonstration of how the small plastic discs can be balanced and remain in motion on the spinning surface, or the fact that this exhibit presented yet another opportunity to share with and assist one another.

Aunt Sue would not allow me to see if cousin Lucy could be balanced in the same manner on the spinning disc. Finally the twins and Lucy were at the same speed and had the same interest in the same thing at the same time for one exhibit--the water play area. And they became equally soaked. Glad we brought extra clothes.

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