Monday, May 14, 2007

mudder's day

Was udderly delightful. The girls were extra-industrious this year. It actually seemed like I was getting presents all weekend long, in between the screaming and fighting and crying, which I assumed were not presents for me, but were intended for Daddy.

Erin made a flower arrangement at preschool:

These are the variety of flowers that don't die, which shows that she perfectly understands my lack of a green thumb. But my track record with plants is SO bad that I'm wondering if I could manage to kill these too. So far I've done well with the leather roses that John got for me on our 3rd (leather) anniversary, so I guess there is hope. Friday night Erin said, "I have flowers for you but it's supposed to be a surprise so you can't see them yet." She was quite proud of herself.

Kate and Allison posed for, and helped make spectacular cards, which I received on saturday:

On sunday the girls piled into the room while I was still in bed and gave me a present, a set of PJs from Victoria's Secret, because as we've established long ago and over and over again, these girls are good shoppers. Erin did pick them out (so they're pink of course) and she was thrilled to learn that I would actually wear them. Disappointedly, I didn't get any VS jokes from John. He usually never misses an opportunity to make a comment about VS like, "in that outfit there is no place for secrets," or "the secret is, Victoria is a dude." Don't worry, he's keeping his day job, but I was kinda wondering what he'd come up with this time.

Allison, while hugging me, and in the cutest possible voice: "I wub you, mama."

We thought we'd let all of the other mothers enjoy their mother's day breakfasts and brunches and lunches by keeping our unmanaged monsters out of area restaurants. Instead we went to Uncle Jeff's house for dinner, along with John's parents. Jeff made a great dinner of BBQ ribs and chicken and such, and we had homemade strawberry pie for dessert. Yuuuuuummmmmmmmmmy.

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