Sunday, May 27, 2007

beachy keen

We were without a working phone or DSL at home all week (thus the lack of blog updates). You may all thank At&t for their careful, speedy, and responsive technical service and advisors. If you are drunk.

The girls and I decided to spend the day at the beach with my buddy Susan and her daughters and mom, who has a beautiful vacation home at the coast. It was overcast but not too cool and not at all windy, so it actually was very good beach weather. Susan chose a small inlet area of beach which had virtually no waves and was very uncrowded. It was a perfect spot.

My girls all kicked off their sandals and RAN straight into the ocean, with Leigh Ann and Lauren (Susan's girls) right behind. I didn't have a chance to take their pants off yet (they had swimsuits on underneath). The movement (and temperature, I'm sure) of the water, caught them all off guard and caused them all to loose their balance, so less than two minutes there and their clothes were soaked already. No problem, strip off the wet pants but I left their special SPF 50 sun shirts on, because YES, the majority of UV penetrates the clouds and so far I am unsure if the girls inherited my Irish heritage pasty white/get sunburned/develop many freckles/turn white again skin or John's vastly different Scottish heritage pasty white/get sunburned/develop a few freckles/turn white again skin. We are five malignant melanomas waiting to happen. Yes, I know the sun hats make for bad pictures.

Leigh Ann and Lauren were great lifeguard-babysitters. I instructed the girls not to get into the water unless they had a big girl with them. That mostly worked. Lauren got a bit annoyed that her castle building kept getting interrupted by small ones dragging her back to the ocean.

Left: watching the incoming kayaks, and right: Kate with "Grammy" (Susan's mom).

Enjoying a little lunch break.

We saw several scuba divers come up from the depths, some kayakers, and sailboats. And of course there were tons of persistently annoying seagulls. Leigh Ann showed Erin that it's fun to chase them while waving your arms and yelling. Erin took to that very naturally.

After a few hours and with all the kids soaked and getting cold, we went back to the house, took a quick warm bath and headed into town for ice cream.

Back at the house Kate occupied herself by playing with Mrs. Laine's beagle dog, Rusty. At first Rusty loved the attention and having someone to throw his favorite toy for him. Over. And. Over. But clearly Kate had far more energy for this than the dog did and soon she wore him out, but the poor thing couldn't get any rest because Kate was always there, talking to him, petting him, chasing him, trying to gauge his interest in playing fetch again. Mrs. Laine laughed at these antics and commented frequently on cute the twins are. So cute in fact that Grammy had to go lay down, twice, during our visit.

Later we had dinner together at the house then put the kids in jammies for the ride home, leaving a trail of exhausted friends and their dog behind.

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