Tuesday, May 29, 2007


..."you've got some 'splaining to do!"

John and I taught Erin that essential phrase this weekend because it just never stops being funny. Yes, we were sober.

Both of John's (out-of-state) sisters are in town this weekend and Aunt Sue has baby Lucy with her too. We visited with the whole family both sunday and monday. It's always great to see Terri and Sue and Lucy and I wish we had these opportunities more often.

The girls love their aunts and talk about them often. They were interested in Lucy too but K&A's enthusiasm for their younger cousin waned significantly when they realized her presence means one more person to share toys with.

For Erin she meant one more person to share the spotlight with, but she had a solution for that.

Lucy was very interested in everything the girls were doing and even though she's not walking yet she did pretty well keeping up with them and joining in with them.

And this is a random photo I got of Erin at home this weekend, after she took her favorite baby doll out for a stroll in the backyard. I find it humerous.

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