Tuesday, September 30, 2008

one tooth down

Erin lost her first tooth the day before her 6th birthday. It was only 24 hours before that as Erin was talking to me I thought one of her bottom teeth looked a bit crooked so I touched it and found it to be pretty loose. Erin hadn't even realized this, but she immediately began playing with it and wiggling it constantly and asking when she'd lose it. She didn't seem nervous about it hurting at all, in fact she was very happy about the prospect of losing it, but I figured the process would take several more days. But by the next evening while she was playing in room she announced that it just came out. Wow, that was fast!

"And now I put it under my pillow and I'll get DOLLARS for it!" she informed us.
"How much do you get?" John clarified.
"Well, some dollars, I think."

The tooth fairy, very generously I might add, gave her one dollar for this first tooth.

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MommaWriter said...

Good to know our oh-so-generous tooth fairies are all in alignment on the going rate for a tooth! Smunch recently had the same good luck :)