Friday, September 19, 2008


Erin was drawing on a magnet doodle board and asking daddy for inspiration. She asked him what to draw, John suggested something, she drew it, then erased it and asked for another idea. This went on for a few minutes late one evening.
"Ok Daddy, what should I draw next?"
"It's 8:00. It's bedtime. Nothing."
She wrote this, handed it to John, and walked away.

Waiting in front of the school to pick up Erin this week, Allison and Kate were picking at a small tree/large bush thing out front, first picking off a couple of leaves, then TOO many leaves.
Me: "Ok, girls, enough, no more of that. Be nice to the tree, do nice things only."
Kate: "What kind of nice things?"
Me: "Touch the tree gently, or say hello and talk to it."
Allison: "But a tree doesn't talk!"
Me: "Well, you can talk, and the tree can listen to you."
Kate: "Oh, hello Mr. Tree. What? You want me to pull your leaves off? Well....okay, Mr. Tree!" And she resumed the leaf removal.

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