Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the state of the house, part II

Things are moving along. We've had two inspections (that I know of) so far and both went smoothly. John stops by during his lunch time frequently and checks on things, and usually chats with the general contractor first thing in the morning when the guys arrive. I'm mostly out of this whole loop, but from my layman's perspective things seem to be going well. There are generally guys here working all day monday through friday, sometimes a little gets done on weekends too and judging by the stories I hear from others and their contractor/remodeling experiences, the fact that work is being done on a full-time basis is fairly miraculous.

First, the plan, which I should have posted before. Ah well. The addition is outlined in red, though this plan also reflects several changes within the existing house (moved/added/eliminated walls/closets/doors etc) that I won't bother detailing here in the interest of not causing you to fall asleep.

Some photos from last friday, and some from today:

A view taken from our current front door, through what will be part of the new living room and hallway, down to what will be the girls' new bathroom straight ahead, which uses the current exterior wall. The doorway slightly to the left of the bathroom is the entrance to the twins' new room.

The wall at the farthest left (with the diagonal beam) is the south wall of Erin's new room. Erin's current bedroom window, in the photo to the right, looks out to her new bedroom. Her old bedroom and adjacent hall closets will be converted to the rest of the new living room.

A view from our existing front door out through our new front door, and adjacent entry way window. The new front entrance will be pushed out about 6 feet, allowing for more eat-in kitchen/dining space and living room space.

We move to our apartment (less than a mile away) on saturday and will have our mail temporarily forwarded. No need to keep track of our new address and we aren't adding a land line phone in the new place, so please reach us by cell phones, email, or you can continue to use our old house number and we'll check messages on a regular basis.

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