Friday, September 19, 2008

four, squared

I had a whole big party planned and reserved for the girls but it involved an activity that Kate in her semi-delicate state can't participate in, so those plans got scrapped and in its place was a little cupcake party at preschool, a family-only small celebration at our dirty construction site, semi-packed up house and I also have a couple of surprises planned at Disneyland in early October.

I'm REALLY not much of a baker or cake decorator, but I gave it a shot this year.

The girls were pretty thrilled to have their own cake. And they were each presented, and lighted, and sang to individually.

And of course they had a great time with the presents, that is, when they could manage to wrestle them away from Erin to open themselves. And then they had to wrestle the gift away from big sis who thought she should hold and "explain" all the gifts to them.

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MamaB said...

The cakes turned out great. Happy Birthday to Kate and Allison, welcome to the 4s.