Tuesday, March 20, 2007

there's something about Kate

Kate makes me laugh. Her continuing dog fascination, which I've written about previously, continues. This weekend she encountered a group of small dogs at a new park and didn't know which one to chase after first. They had her spinning and their owners were very amused.

At Grandma and Poppy's house sunday afternoon she met Uncle Jeff's family's latest doggie, a dachshund puppy named Walter. Love at first sight. Through dinner she kept asking, "Where's the doggie? Where's the doggie?" Uncle Jeff isn't so crazy about Walter (he barks and bites quite a bit) but luckily Kate didn't understand Uncle Jeff's jokes about Walter suddenly being gone just as dinner was being served.

Besides her dog fetish she is quite the talker. Normally she speaks very well and in complex sentences and has a very good vocabulary for 2.5 in my estimation. But when she gets excited she sounds like a cage full of parakeets--if I'm lucky I can understand a word every now and again, as in when she was giving a puppet show for Erin, John, and myself today.

All in all, she's adorable. Bright, curious, beautiful, and thrilled as pie to be served yogurt.

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