Thursday, March 29, 2007

science day

For the future physicists of america, this week's meeting involved exploration of levers and fulcrums. The backyard served as the laboratory today.

And while Kate and Erin were busy with their outdoor mechanics lesson, Allison decided to focus on geology. She examined and somehow concluded that there were several rocks around the yard that were in the wrong place, so she spent quite a while collecting particular rocks from everywhere and depositing them over to the side of the deck, which has a layer of rocks up against the fence. I'm not sure why the rearrangement was needed, but then, I never took studied geology.

Erin also dabbles in horticulture. She took time today to tend to her potted flowers that's she's been growing for a couple of months now. She very diligently remembers to water them regularly and they've been growing very well. Unlike nearly everything I plant.

But Erin isn't merely a bookworm. She enjoys regular playtime. Take today for instance...with her science lessons for the day complete, Erin was anxious to show me that she's learned to jump rope in her spare time.

I think she should stick with academics.

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