Tuesday, March 13, 2007

games people play

My blog is back from the grave. Well, most of it anyway. The first two entries are lost, and I have this new, shorter, but similar URL. Dealing with Google technical support (or lack thereof) is less fun than dealing with the IRS and less satisfying than a root canal, that's all I have to say about that.

Another beautiful day, time to meet friends (canine and otherwise) at the park again.

Today was a day spent playing many games. At the park the kids played duck, duck, goose and hide and seek.

Hide and seek took a couple of different forms: there was the more common hide and seek each other, and there was the secretly hide and have Gavin's mom seek her car keys which Gavin and Erin buried in one of several piles of wood chips they made,
just when she is scrambling to leave to pick her daughter up from
preschool. This last version was unpopular with some contestants. We're hoping Gavin can come out and play with us again someday.

The twins met up with their usual dog buddy for a bit then later found a new dog to meet. He was rolling on the ground and scratching at the wood chips as he was being petted and Allison shouted, "He's digging!"
"What's he digging for?" asked Danielle.

"Buried treasure!" replied Allison, and then, with this sudden realization of the importance of this activity, the girls started digging along side him. But alas, there was disappointment for all.

This evening, uncle Brad stopped by. He and Erin had an exciting game of Go Fish, while Kate and Allison opted for a game that's a little more physical and a little less well-known: tackle your sister and see if her head makes a funny sound when it hits the hardwood floors.

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