Monday, March 5, 2007


Saturday the girls decided to "have a party" in their elephant tent. This necessary addition to our home decor was an xmas gift from Uncle Jeff & company and the girls enjoy it quite a bit.
Setting up for the party consisted of moving the slowly deflating valentine's day mylar balloons from daddy inside, then adding any toys they could grab, particularly the ones with 10,000 pieces or more, and stir.
This was a pretty lawless gathering. In fact the only party rule I could really be sure of was that there was to be NO looking at the camera at all, ever, no matter how many times mama asks. In fact, if you could manage keep your back turned or your head down, all the better.
As you can see Kate eventually broke down at looked at me. Shortly after that she was asked to leave by the other party-goers. Maybe for looking at the camera, maybe for making fun of Erin's freshly-washed and balloon-plus-nylon-tent-induced statically charged hair.

It was the beginning of a rough day for Kate. She also got in a fight with a doorknob, and lost. Later on she fought with some other item in the home and added another lump just above this one. Then to top it off she ran into the corner of our armoire and insulted the same exact spot. She is precisely the worst height for keeping her forehead intact. She needs to grow about 2 more inches quickly (which would match Allison) or we need to get her a football helmet.

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