Tuesday, March 27, 2007

just pictures

Well, mainly pictures. I've been extra busy this past week but I try to snap a few pictures every day and I'm posting some of these.

watching some TV after dinner and a bath

some park pics

Enjoying rice

Erin proudly showing the elephant she assembled, painted pink, and adorned with colorful feathers. She is in desperate need of a zoology course, although Elton John would be proud of this rendition I'm betting.

Speaking of education, we found out today that Erin will attend the alternative public school we applied for last month. The acceptance process was a just a lottery drawing and I really didn't have a lot of hope of getting in since they typically get 350 applicants or so for about 70 kindergarten spots (there are actually 90 spots but younger sibs of current students are taken first, then a lottery for the remainder. In 2 years K&A will get to enter kindy there automatically).

The excitement about this news is tempered by the fact that two friends with kids who Erin has known since she was an infant also applied for this school and were not as fortunate in the lottery. It would have been fun to enter this new chapter with our friends.

An aside, the girls call my mom Grandma Jan and John's mom just Grandma. Some comments from the girls:
Erin: "How old are you?"
G'ma Fergy: (answer withheld to protect the innocent)
Erin: "Oh my gosh, that's almost 100!"

When Grandma Jan (from North Carolina, last visit was several months ago) came over recently Allison looked at her and went running to Danielle.
Danielle: "That's Grandma, Allison."
Allison, while shaking her head: "That's NOT Grandma!"

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