Wednesday, June 6, 2012

time to play catch up: february

About the time I should have updated my blog after the last entry, we had to pack away our coputer as part of emptying out and redoing our home office in order to get our house ready to sell. We haven't had the desktop computer unpacked and set up again until recently, so I m going to finally add in some brief details about what the kids have been up to since January. Another ski season has come and gone. As usual, we made a trip up to Oregon and we also skied for several days closer to home. We encountered some really rough weather while in Oregon which hampered our skiing and my ability to have my camera out for many photos or video.
The twins got to try out poles for the first time and they really liked having them. John and I liked not having to pull them up to the ski lifts once we reached the bottom of the hill also. After our Oregon trip I decided that Kate's ski jacket, which had been passed down from Erin to Allison to her, was finally a little small and needed to go, so she got a new jacket at a super sale price for the next trip.
Allison has overtaken Erin in the speed department by a long shot. In fact, she's about ready to overtake me. Erin likes to get down the hill without falling and doesn't care about getting there quickly. Kate isn't interested in speed either, but Allison likes to go fast and get everywhere first.

We didn't have harsh weather to blame but I still didn't do well in the photo or video department later in the ski season. The kids are skiing faster and on rougher terrain and it's just hard to ski with my gloves off and holding a camera in one hand all the time. John suggested I get one of those helmet-mounted cameras, and ya know, I just might do that for next year.

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