Wednesday, June 6, 2012

april: dance

Dancing continues. So far this year the girls competed in January, performed in an easter parade along with many other dancers from their school, and had their second competition of the year in April. Thankfully, there were so many dancers at this event that they divided the beginners into two age classes: under 9, and 9 and up, so Kate and Erin were not competing against each other, and against Kate's this new younger set of competitors, she did very well, receiving a medal or ribbon in 4 or her 5 dances.

Erin did tremendously well also and has now placed very high in 4 competitions in a row, each result earning her a stamp on her dancer registration card. Once a dancer has 6 stamps they move up to the next skill level, and for Erin that could happen by the end of the summer.

Kate received her first stamp.

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