Wednesday, June 6, 2012

march and april: softball

Some of the the twins' brownie troop formed a softball together and both were happy to join the team.

They moved up to a higher age division than they played with last year so some of the girls really looked big compared to ours.

The is the first division where the girls learn to pitch.

Though Allison was really better a catcher. Kate was one of the team's most reliable hitters and was the first one to get a hit in their first game. Allison was the most reliable at striking out, but about half way through the season she found her groove, and became a power hitter as well.

In the playoff tournament at the end of the season our team didn't do well. We were a small team of only 8 girls, most others had 10 or more, and that makes a big difference when fielding. But the girls had fun and the team as a whole improved a ton from the beginning of the season to the end, and there are plans for this team to stay together next year.

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