Saturday, January 21, 2012

the champ

This year's dance competitions started today and I guess everyone was in the mood to get back into the swing of things because the turnout for this event, both in terms of dancers and audience, was huge. Since Kate is seven, she's in the beginner competition class now and she was very excited to compete in both of her new dance outfits.

As the piper took a water break before we were about to get started, Kate posed for a picture.

I was happy for Kate but nervous about her having to move up to beginner because she'd be competing against much older and more experienced kids, and specifically about competing against Erin.

There were nine beginners today and they danced before the judge in groups of three at a time. Thankfully, Erin and Kate were in separate groups for the first four dances.

I thought Kate did really well, and I thought the other seven beginners were also really good and I knew it was going to be a tough day.

During the last beginner dance they regrouped and Kate and Erin danced on stage at the same time.
And many hours after we started, all the results were in and the awards were given. Erin had her best day ever, winning a fourth place, a second, and three first places. That made her the overall top dancer in the beginner class, and along with her medals for the day she won a large crystal trophy. She was absolutely surprised and overjoyed.

Erin's first place sword dance:

Kate took sixth place in one dance (only the top 1-6 out of the 9 beginners were announced for each dance), and she found it difficult being the younger, less awarded sister of the champion. But I was really proud of her, and her teachers were proud of her too. She really did her best and in her best dance she beat out 3 other beginners, all older and more experienced than her.
Erin and Kate along with all the other dancers from their dance school (which comprised about half of the dancers there today).
And the proud champ with her winnings from the day.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Way to go girls! When is the next competition?