Sunday, November 20, 2011

three scouts

Along with Erin, a Junior now in her fourth year in scouts, the twins joined Brownies and are part of a large troop at their new school. Kate loves it so far, but Allison, who I really thought would enjoy the working on various projects that earn badges more than Kate would, is so far is questionably interested. I had to agree to be a co-leader in Erin's troop in order for them to accept her (the troop was getting too big) and I really, really dislike being a girl scout leader. Thankfully I'm one of 6 leaders of that troop so the responsibilites are spread around.

In the twins' troop I am not a leader but parents are expected to help out, and because I have two in the troop I am expected to help out twice as much as any other parent. Thus, I am doing just about as much for their troop as I am for Erin's. My personal girl scout project is finding out a way for me to quit, while letting them stay in. I wonder if there is a badge for that.

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Anonymous said...

I know from 11 years of Girl Scout leader experience that a parent doesn't have to be a leader or volunteer twice as much for their daughters to be in a troop!!!!