Sunday, November 20, 2011

sheep can dance too

Last week the girls' dance school held their annual fundraising dance show to raise money for workshops and special instructors and also kind of wrap-up the competition-packed year and celebrate together. The instructors come up with the theme of the show and the choreography and place the dancers where they think they'd fit best.

The show was in a large church with a big stage but poor lighting. The lighting plus the fact that both sets of batteries I brought for my best camera were apparently old meant that I didn't get any good photos, but I do have some (mostly pretty dark) videos.

The theme of the show was a group of dancers who travel to Scotland to tour around and compete in the Highland Dance Championships in Cowal. Kate played a sheep in the show, participating in several numbers as one of the more common animals one sees as they travel Scotland. This dance number was about a sheep herder trying to corral her sheep. I found this pretty funny.

Erin's videos were just really too dark, but here is both Kate and Erin doing the Fling as the last number in the show. Since Kate will be competing as a Beginner in 2012, I got her a more official and nicer Highland outfit because the one she had didn't have the right kind of kilt. As a primary the judges let those things slide, I'm told, but not beyond that. She got to wear this outfit for the first time here. She is left and Erin is third from left.

The girls enjoyed lots of homemade goodies brought by many of the parents as part of the fundraiser and Grandma got to come see them dance for the first time. It was a fun show, and I won a great framed photograph in the raffle which will look great somewhere in the new house.

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