Sunday, November 20, 2011

second generation band geek

The girls' school has a 4th/5th grade beginning band and intermediate band which rehearses after school once a week. Since last year Erin knew she wanted to join the band and considered what instrument she'd play. She chose the alto saxophone and I enrolled her in lessons at the beginning of summer, figuring she'd have to "try out" even for beginning band and they'd want kids who had some clue about what they were doing.

When the school year and band started I found out, true to its name, NO ONE in beginning band had any experience with how to play anything. The experienced students are in intermediate band but Erin fell into this grey area where she really wasn't experienced enough to join that band.  So Erin stayed in beginning was kind of bored for the first few classes while her fellow saxophonists struggled with just assembling the instrument and playing one note.

Erin's private lessons continue as she is doing well despite the fact that I know she doesn't practice enough. The pace of school band has picked up and they will have their first concert recital in January.

Meanwhile Erin is really enjoying the social aspects of being in band, which is what I'd been telling her about. She and her "band friends" get together for a play date after practice each week. "And that's where it starts," John says.
Erin plays "Mark Time"

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