Sunday, November 20, 2011

the elephant in the room

Our other house.
How's it going? Spectacular, if this were June. Since it's November it's not so great because we thought we'd be living there by now. Here's some of what it looks like.
This is the kitchen/living room area.

And this section of the house has had some good progress, the pantry and half bathroom and family room are also on this side all have drywall and paint as well. The problem is the other half, where all the bedrooms and full bathrooms are. This is the downstairs, near the front door:
And this is upstairs and a look through a wall into the master bathroom.

From the backyard
This shows the Mason-Dixon Line, as John calls it, where the stucco work had to stop.
The only part of the job (that John didn't do) that has gone well, finished on time, and impressed us was the landscaping, which will be finished when the stucco work and exterior painting is finished. Notice the nice walkways and new lawn which has corresponding new sprinklers. They also removed the 10-12 foot tall bushes that blocked of the entire front of the house from the street, which the neighbors probably appreciated for many years, but now that the place is looking better, they had to go.
That isn't the final exterior color by the way. The shingles came in that grey color and once the exterior is done it will all be painted a deep brown.
Don't ask us when we'll get to actually live in the house because we don't know. John is busy there nearly every day but we've had some surprises along the way. More on those later. 


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