Tuesday, April 1, 2008

farmer erin

Last week, parents were invited to Erin's class to see the finished "farm unit" the kids have been working on for a good month or so. Each child has a farm plot and plants different crops, buys animals and equipment, and sells the milk and meat and eggs. So they've been learning about domestic animals and agriculture, and counting money. I knew it was a big project but I had no idea how big until the twins and I went to class and Erin gave us the full tour.

Erin's farm plot: the yellow area is wheat, the green is pasture land, the red area is a strawberry field, some of the brown is mud where the pigs are, some of it houses her chicken coop. The white standing paper figures show us what belongs on each area of the farm. They are pictures of different animals, tractors, silo, farm house, scarecrow. And the next photo is with her class farm quilt, with each child contributing a square.

Erin's animal book, a page about each type of animal on her farm:

Her accounting book, showing some of her purchases:

Why Erin would like to be a farmer:

Four-legged farm friends provide a good opportunity to learn about multiplying by four:

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