Friday, April 11, 2008


Last sunday I went to the toy store with the intention of buying a little soccer goal net for the girls. Kate, especially, loves kicking the ball around. While I was there I noticed some individual swings for sale and we were long overdue in getting rid of the baby swings we had hanging from our deck. We banned Erin from using them over a year ago. She was so huge in them it was completely ridiculous, but they were way too small for the twins too. So I finally bought replacements, better late than never, and the soccer goal, and the girls were thrilled.
In the afternoon John's cousin Brian and family came over for dinner and play time. The kids haven't seen each other since christmas we concluded, and between the five of them I don't think the giggling and squealing ever stopped for even a few minutes all afternoon and evening long. The overall volume level was at a constant "11".
While Erin and Allison occupied the swings for a while I played goalie in front of the new net and took photos as Kate and the boys tried to score. Jacob is nearly 7 and kicks accurately, and HARD. It actually was very challenging to play defense against him.
Before and after dinner there was a lot of chasing, and tackling, and scenes like this:

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