Thursday, April 10, 2008

rodeo clowns

Today I took the girls to a (usually) huge rodeo that comes to the area every year. This is our third year going and the girls always love it. Erin has been asking about the Big Rodeo in April on a regular basis for many weeks. This is huge on her calendar. All the girls put on boots and their hats this morning and went around the house yelling, "Yee-hah! I'm a cowgirl!" This is former nanny Danielle's lasting influence. This and the random requests I get while we're driving around to change the car's radio station to country. Thanks, Danielle.

The rodeo activities go on for 8 days I think and it all wraps up tomorrow and clearly we made our trip this year a little too late in the schedule. There wasn't nearly as much going on today as there has been in years past. All of the side buildings, normally full of younger livestock of all types and 4H kids grooming them and showing them in small competitions, were empty and being cleaned out. In the past we've been able to see pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, cows, even a camel once, and the 4H teens are happy to have little kids pet their animals and explain everything the girls would ever want to know. They were really disappointed when I showed them that we apparently missed all of that.

Still, we did visit with some horses and bulls in pens outside of the main arena, and Kate found a large batch of alfalfa so they all spent a long time going around feeding everyone who seemed interested. We also watched some cowboys riding outside, and then watched some riding competitions inside the main arena.

With fewer things to see and do this year it was a much briefer visit. Erin is on spring break this week which is why we waited until now to go as I knew she'd kill me if I took the twins without her. I also heard a rumor today that the arena that hosts this rodeo is closing. I hope not, or that we can find a substitute to attend next year.

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MommaWriter said...

There was indeed an article in the local paper talking about that potential closure. I've barely been there, but I still like the idea of it being there!