Tuesday, March 25, 2008

easter week

We've been busy this past week and I have many pictures to share, but I'm not in a lengthy story writing mood so this is a mostly photo post.

Last weekend we got a call kind of last minute, from Susan, to join them at the aquarium if we could. The girls were so excited to go and spend some time with Susan's daughters.

herding cats for a group photo, part I

herding cats for a group photo, part II

Later in the week we met up with old friends Quinton and Rylan and their moms for some pizza. Quinton, Rylan, and Erin, all in kindergarten but in three different schools, don't see nearly as much of each other as they used to. It was fun to get together again.

herding cats for a group photo, part III

Then the day before Easter was upon us. Erin had her second game that morning and she got to take her turn in the all important position of "pitcher". The kids are hitting from a tee for the first three games, then after that the coaches will pitch to them. For now, the "pitcher" is important because many of the balls travel that direction and just about that distance, so the pitcher needs to be alert and get them quickly. Erin took this job very seriously at first.

Then after while she became more and more interested in trying to rub the chalk lines out with her feet, and collecting pebbles on the ground, and less interested in watching the batter. Another tie game...or whatever. Miraculous!

We finally got around to dying some eggs at 8pm , which became yummy deviled eggs the next day.

I think the Easter Bunny had considerable help from Grandma this year. The girls loved their basket treats and toys, and enjoyed a little egg hunt in the backyard after a big breakfast.

By mid-morning Poppy came over to hang out (Grandma was away for the weekend) and in the afternoon Uncle Jeff and the kids joined us for dinner--shrimp appetizer then ham, roast beef, veggie salad, deviled eggs, and corn on the cob. We made the roast beef, Jeff brought a ham. Unofficial family slogan: there can never be too much meat.

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