Thursday, July 5, 2007

red, white, and blue

Girls. That's what we had on the 4th, more or less.

In the morning we went to the local community center for their patriotic extravaganza! We had a pancake breakfast, with digestion music compliments of some senior citizen orchestra. They weren't bad actually, and the pancakes and sausage were great.

Allison got her cheek painted and Erin chose her right hand. Kate declined on the weird cheery stranger invading her personal space experience.

After breakfast we gathered outside to listen to the city hall employee-woman with the microphone, who won't be winning American Idol anytime this century, go through the old favorites. Various school kids joined her (and how I wished they sang louder) and held up the various visual aids, shook boxes of macaroni during Yankee Doodle, and such.

Erin, without a lighter to hold up to show her emotion during the concert, substituted, appropriately, with a flag. And then it was getting pretty hot and my ears were definitely tired, so we went back home to prep for the BBQ we were hosting that afternoon. John's brother and family are out of town this week, but his parents and Brad came over to celebrate with us.

Our kiddie pool from last summer was torn so John came home with this monstrosity. Kiddie pools have changed a lot since I was little.

Everyone enjoyed cooling off with watermelon and fresh, ripe cherries. I was in charge of the sides, John was in charge of meat selection, which is like putting the kids in charge of buying the halloween candy. We had hamburgers, and BBQ chicken, and ribs. Not to be outdone, Dora made TWO desserts--a strawberry pie and a chocolate marble cake for my birthday. MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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