Sunday, July 15, 2007

"life is not whatnot"

A line from a movie I like, though I don't agree. Here's some of this past week's whatnot.

Last saturday we went to a small dinner party at an old friend's parent's house in the city. We all know his parents well and have been to this house several times before and we all know that there is nothing remotely childproofed or inexpensive about anything in it. So, intelligently, though kids were invited my other friends didn't bring theirs. One friend did bring his 2 year-old son. I was thrilled to see the little boy because I hadn't had the opportunity to meet his son before and, more importantly, if my girls broke something I now had someone else to blame for it.

The kids entertained themselves with a set of cardboard bricks the hosts brought out. It was great fun to take turns building up walls around each other and then join together in smashing them down.

Fortunately they didn't smash anything else, though they did do more than their share of decorating the floors and tablecloth with food. Regardless, my friend's parents thought they were just entirely adorable and sweet. Heh, heh, heh...yeah. We know better than that.

Here's a rare cute photo of Kate and Erin at the park this week. Both looking at the camera AND smiling? I didn't even bribe them or anything.

My cousin Joe from Chicago arrived yesterday for a week-long vacation out here. He arrived in the morning and suggested that we come over to his hotel to swim in the pool there and my new little fishes thought that was a great idea. No hesitation about the water at all this week. Everyone had a blast.

On sunday Joe took off on a multi-day site-seeing excursion up north. He plans to see grand old growth forests and majestic coastline and sample fine foods and wines along the way. Sure, that's all well and good for him, but we roll in grander style than that around here. We went to a birthday party, located at a small park & zoo that's been around since...well, actually, I don't know how long. I went there once or twice as a kid. Most of the attractions were in dire need of fresh paint and cobweb removal and general maintenance back then, and they still do. Erin made a new friend--a cute little girl her age named Ansley.

That's the birthday boy, Cameron, looking over his mom's cake artistry. The theme of the party was "pirates", and that's the croc from Peter Pan. Erin requested, and was served, a piece with some of the teeth. Ansley requested the eyes. I like that kid already.

Joe will be back on wednesday night so hopefully we'll find something adventurous to do together on thursday. Until then....


Queen Bee said...

I LOVE that cake!!! I'll be putting that idea in my back pocket for future use. :)

they call me mama said...

You're the only one I know that could duplicate such a thing!