Saturday, July 21, 2007

back to the beach

Joe took a break from his insane site-seeing schedule to spend the day with us on thursday. He didn't have any special requests, he just wanted to hang out with the girls and do whatever they wanted but I figured, this being summer, I'm pretty much obligated to take a visiting midwesterner to the beach.

I expected typical coastal summer weather, that being full-on foggy/cloudy and cool until about 11 and then clearing and warming up gradually but Joe reminded me that he brings good weather whenever he travels and he even managed to get sunburned in Ireland. Well, right he was. We arrived at the beach a little before 10am and there wasn't a cloud in the sky and just a light breeze. Perfect!

After setting up camp all the girls wanted to go into the water right away. Danielle and I had a twin by the hand and Erin was fending for herself and she lost her balance almost immediately and got soaked from head to toe. Oh yeah, that water is a bit cold isn't it? After a change of shirt she decided that she'd just observe that whole ocean thing for a while.
Joe ventured up a long cliff-side trail that went up into some coastal forest to check out the view from there and Erin and Allison decided to go with him. At first Kate wanted to join them but going for a little hike would require putting shoes on and leaving the ocean, and Kate was not going to have any of that. In fact she didn't want to leave the water for anything but a quick lunch break.

I brought a whole pile of buckets and shovels and both Erin and Allison played in the sand quite a bit, digging and filling buckets and building some castles. They went for walks, played in the waves, and took several snack breaks in the shade, but Kate was a different story. Along with her sisters, she did enjoy collecting shells, but basically if the activity didn't involve being in the water she wasn't interested.

She was just fascinated by the waves. We spent about 6 hours at the beach and for 5 of the 6 hours she was in.the.waves. One of us had to be right with her and hold her hand when the waves came in because she hard a hard time keeping her balance when the water rushed by her feet. Often as the waves receeded she pulled us to go in after them and as bigger waves started our way again I'd have to lift her straight up, over my head othewise they'd have been eye level or higher to her. I don't think she appreciated the fine lifeguarding we were providing. She just giggled every time. This is basically what Kate did for 5 hours:

After lots of sun and a fun day we were all ready to go, even Allison and Erin agreed, but it was really tough to get Kate away from the water. But she was so, so tired after a quick rinse off and change of clothes for the ride home she feel asleep immediately in the car.

Back home and after dinner Joe's decision to forego any sunscreen or hats was pretty apparent. I warned him but like father, like son. That's a story for another day. We had a good dinner and then Joe was off again to do some Irish dancing in the city and continue his sight-seeing there.

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