Thursday, July 12, 2007

no habla espanol!

I took the girls to a playful spanish language class for kids 2-5 on tuesday. The topic was the sea and animals of the sea. After a very creative, fun hour, during which Erin had a blast and the twins looked consistently puzzled, they were given a sheet to color of the sea animals they'd learned about with the names in spanish underneath each one.

On the way home Erin was talking about some of the animals. She pointed to one and said, "cangrejo."
Kate: "That's a crab."
Me: "Right, but how do we say crab in spanish? Cangrejo."
Kate: "No, no, NO! That's a CRAB!!"
Erin: "And this is El Delfin."
Kate: "No, no, no, NO! That's a DOLPHIN!!!"
Erin: "No, Kate...del-fin."
Kate: "Dolphin, dolphin, DOLPHIN, DOLPHIN!!!!"

This is going to be money well-spent.

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