Thursday, June 14, 2007


Here are the three stooges trying out the new super exciting slip n slide earlier this week:

And as magical an experience as that was, today we ventured back to the water park I mentioned last week. Hooray, open as scheduled, and worth the wait. Last week was overcast, today was sunny and HOT and so it worked out to be a much better day to spend there, in full SPF regalia of course. Here are a couple of pics of part of the place, there are also some big water slides off to one side for bigger kids and adults which are not in the photo:

This pool with the play structure varies in depth from 6 to 12 inches, with a small waterslide on the front and one the back, so it was perfect for the twins and they stayed in here almost all of the time. In the photo on the right you can see a seperate pool way in the back, and that's a regular 3ft to 6ft depth, so Erin went back and forth between the two pools. Her buddy Quinton is a pretty good swimmer. We put a life vest on Erin though, she still has a lot to learn.

Kate and Allison took a while to warm up the idea of this place. First of all, it was loud, partially from all the kids laughing and yelling, but just as much because of all of the water features coming off of the play structure. There were spigots and sprayers and stuff all around it and the kids on the structure could control the force and direction of these, or turn them off. No one ever turned them off. I'm glad I had my suit on too because I was thoroughly soaked pretty quickly.

They also took some time to explore the shallow pool while holding my hand, getting used to walking in water and checking the depth everywhere. But after a while they got more comfortable, went down the little waterslides a few times, as long as I was at the bottom to catch them, and ended up having a ton of fun, both in the pool and playing in the ground fountains in yet another area.

Erin really liked that she could go to the "big pool" to practice her swimming with one of us and Quinton, but she also liked coming back to the kiddie area to check in on her sisters and do the slides.

Kate occupied herself for a good half hour playing a game of fetch, by herself, with a water toy of Quinton's. She clearly would do great at duck hunting, and wouldn't even need a labrador retriever.

And just when we were home long enough for a little breather, and everyone's hair had dried and the scent of sunblock had nearly faded, it was time to leave for....Erin's weekly swim lesson.

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