Thursday, June 14, 2007

happy anniversary! Grandma and Poppy (51 years this past sunday)!
We gathered at our house to celebrate. "So it's a party?" Erin asked. Yes, I told her. "So we'll have cake!" Erin loves to help prepare anything and everything in the kitchen, regardless of whether she plans on eating it, though I have tried the "look at these yummy vegetables you helped me make, now they're ready to eat!" angle. She's no dummy. She takes special interest in preparing dessert. She takes special interest in eating dessert. She takes extra special interest in eating chocolate desserts. Again, she's no dummy.

So Erin was my co-cake baker, demonstrating great skill in pouring ingredients into the mixing bowl, cracking eggs, and for the first time, using the electric mixer. She also verified about 8 different times that she'd get to help decorate the cake after it cooled, and she did a fine job. I thinned out and spread the icing a little more than she did originally and after I drew a large 51 she was totally in charge of adding all the candy sprinkle flowers.

Yesterday Erin received a thank you card from Grandma for the special cake, and Erin was thrilled to get that.

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