Thursday, June 28, 2007

fairly fun

We decided not to wait for our own county fair to open and opted to trespass onto the fair in the county east of us. Fairly daring, I know. The first event we attended was the fairly silly interspecies animal races. A goat and a pig and a duck and a sheep, or some other fairly random small farm animal arrangement were lined up in their starting gates, each with a different racing color. Then the audience was divided into four designated cheering sections, one for each racer, and a team captain was chosen for each cheering section to stand out in front and hold the team color. Kate and Allison were chosen at various times to be captains. Erin was not, which she found fairly disappointing. The duck fairly predictably came in last each time.

We wandered our way over to the stables and saw some fairly recently shorn sheep enjoying the summer breezes. But I guess too much wool was taken from a few of them and they were wearing jackets. Some were fairly ugly. One seemed fairly embarrassed to be seen in the thing.

Kate tried feeding a sheep some straw, which it ate, then all the kids gave the sheep some straw, then they all got carried away with the idea and we decided we better go on to something else fairly quickly before someone asks us to leave.

Erin and Quinton learned about spinning wool into yarn. Fairly interesting.

And we came upon a indoor lego building play area with huge trays of legos for the kids. Fairly unexpected.

So many things to see and do--animals, people in costume and riding tall bicycles or horses, clowns, we were even greeted by a robot. Seymour was his name, I'm fairly sure. He was friendly and a fairly good conversationalist and the kids were fairly fascinated with him. They talked with him for a good 10 minutes. I observed that he seemed to be working too consistently to be using MS Windows, and he found that comment fairly funny.

And I shouldn't forget the popular faire by the way. The kids gorged themselves on popcorn (that I brought in) corndogs, and ice cream. Quinton had cotton candy, but the girls didn't seem to have any interest in that. But I'm fairly certain that the highlight of the day, twice, for the girls was the pony riding. Erin is an old pro at this point, given that her last two birthday parties featured pony rides, but K&A hadn't been riding before. No matter, all three of them fairly obviously had a blast.

Our excursion completed with a few fairly exciting rides, including a fairly tiny ferris wheel where the twins rode together and Erin and Quinton rode together and everyone found the view from the top fairly fantastic.

I've had fun with this post but I'm sure some of you will find it fairly annoying, and if that's the case, I'm fairly sorry.


Trish said...

I was fairly confused by this blog. Was there some theme that I was to understand? I am fairly certian that any theme was fairly obtuse.

they call me mama said...

Yep, smartassery confirmed. ;)