Monday, December 31, 2012

setting sail

At the suggestion of John's cousin's Brian's family, we booked a Disney cruise to Alaska for late July but we'd end the year with Disney fun as well. We launched from Seattle for a 7 days cruise with 3 stops in Alaska and one in British Columbia. Not only was this the kids' first cruise, it was mine as well. Surprisingly, John's mom wanted to come along too. Dora is a really experienced cruiser and I didn't think a Disney ship full of kids would measure up to what she'd done before, but she was interested and it was fun to have Grandma along. An added benefit was that Erin shared a cabin with her and the twins and John and I could then take a standard cabin for 4 instead of needing the required deluxe cabin which could accommodate 5.

All checked in, excited, and ready to board.

A last look at Seattle from the top deck.

Checking out one of the pools.

 As we set sail the crew began a launch party up on deck.

Everyone who was anyone was there.

We set up some ground rules for the kids: they had to stay with a buddy, they had to keep away from the railings, and they were not supposed to run in the hallways and staircases. Of course they prompty abandoned all of these, except that I don't think they every spent much time near the railings. I was so sure we'd have a kid overboard but the railings were pretty high and lined with plexiglass on the inside so that little feet could not climb up on them. 

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