Monday, December 31, 2012

december continued

Other december fun included a visit to Santa

And decorating by far our biggest christmas tree. We have 15 foot ceilings in the living room, making 14'11" the ideal tree height according to the girls. John got a 10-11' gigantic tree which was a pretty imposing sight.

Not even John could reach the top of the tree from the ladder because the bottom of the tree was so wide. He needed some help to put on our fancy traditional tree topper (Winter Jack from Jack in the Box).

And before Christmas Kate and Erin had two dance performances: one at a Scottish Christmas concert in a large Scottish church nearby (I don't have any good photos from that), and below, the Christmas in the Park performance, on the main stage one evening. Erin is at center in royal blue and Kare is in the black vest and purple/white kilt at right in the first and last photos and at left in the middle one.

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