Monday, December 31, 2012

musical december

 December was a busy month. Having bigger kids with bigger activities meant more holiday-related commitments. At the beginning of the month on a particularly stormy, wet weekend, Erin's school band marched (or more precisely, loosely meandered) in a Christmas parade in a nearby town. As is typical, they needed to be there before the beginning of the parade even though they were positioned towards the end.

The twins and I found a warm and dry cafe to have breakfast in after we dropped Erin off and then waited and waited for her band to pass by. Despite the rain and the long wait, Kate enjoyed the parade. Allison, not so much.

 It was a fairly interesting Christmas parade, with a few high and middle bands, and even the Stanford band. Then there were the group of shirtless older men carrying unusually large zucchinis.

 Then finally Erin's group came, the only elementary school aged band in the parade. Because of the rain, the plan to have everyone wear jeans and a white shirt got scrapped and everyone could wear what they wanted in order to keep dry and warm, and they were given ponchos. Erin has the pink hood on, and her sax is under the poncho since woodwind instruments aren't supposed to get wet.

Mission accomplished. Remarkably, she had a great time.

About a week later Erin had another performance with her band at a local mall.

The group from above.

They played a variety of christmas songs and also some not so christmasy but still popular, like the Star Wars theme.

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