Sunday, March 6, 2011

weekend dancing

Erin begins competing as a Highland dancer in May. I've registered her with the international governing body of Highland Dancers (who knew there was such a thing) so she's eligible to compete. Before May, there are a couple of local opportunities to dance in small shows and I've signed Erin up to do those to get her some additional practice.

This weekend there was a fair for parents at a mall nearby, where tables and booths were set up by various preschools and private schools, dance studios, music schools, summer camps, tutoring, gymnastics places and swim schools. All kinds of things parents might be interested in knowing more about or enrolling their children in. Our highland dance school had a table and some of the dancers were asked to perform as well. This was one of those opportunities for Erin to get some extra performance practice but Kate and Allison were asked to dance as well to help recruit other young girls.

Waiting to begin:

Erin and an older girl set up and dance "The Sword":

My girls did a set like the one they did in their first big performance last november:

Erin and some older girls dance "The Fling", also a dance Erin did in the show last fall:

Erin danced in four dances in all, the most of any of the girls there. Overall she did well. The Sword is complicated and switches tempo to one much faster half way through, but she did great. I think she started a turn too early in The Fling this time, but recovered. I'm always impressed with her sense of rhythm. I was surprised and impressed to see her dancing along with girls who are so much older and more experienced.

All of the girls had a great time and Erin especially loved it and can't wait until the next performance.


mommieN. said...

That's great! I get no end of amusement out of your kids dancing, since I recall you having some choice words for the activity. At least she skis! :) All my girl does in dance classes is pout and stare petulantly, and throw tantrums if I so much as cross one foot in front of another at home.

If Erin ends up really being serious about it, some ballet classes, if she'll agree to them, will enhance her every movement.

Donald said...

Erin, Allison, and Kate,great job! I'm impressed!
Love, Opa