Saturday, November 27, 2010

extravaganza in wonderland

That was the title of the girls' first dance show, an exhibit of Scottish highland dance from their dance school, and featuring a local pipe and drum band and local Irish dancers as well. It was more than a dance recital, there was a story that ran through all the numbers, kind of like a play. The story was about Alice, who is recruited by a white rabbit to help save Wonderland from the wicked Irish queen and her desire to eliminate Scottish dance and music from the land.

A few pictures from the final dress rehearsal. The group of five at the right are the newest dancers in the school and would be in a dance together.

Alice during one of her dances, and the pipe band.

Then the number featuring the girls, along with another girl in the back center who is about the same age and the twins, and Andrew, the King, the only male dancer in the school, from Erin's class. The idea was that the Scottish King and some villagers find a piper and dance to their music in secret, trying to avoid being discovered by the Irish Queen. If you watch the clip, listen to her comments at the end.

This was a fairly simple dance but I always worried about how Allison would do during the show because she always had the hardest time with the steps and timing. Erin always caught on to all the dances she's been introduced to so well and, along with Andrew, had been moved up to a more advanced class a couple of months ago. But in the show it was Allison who did fine and Erin who messed up. Oh well. Kate is at the left, Allison at far right, Erin in front. My great camera didn't compensate well for the lighting and it's hard to see anyone's faces.

At the end of the play the Irish Queen realizes that Scottish music and dance isn't so bad after all, and the Irish Dancers and Scottish dancers all come together for a group dance, the Fling. Erin is in the red/white kilt at front.

It's a much longer dance and more complicated than the one my girls did earlier in the show, and the instructors didn't think the twins were ready for it yet. Erin did it perfectly, and with much better timing than the two girls immediately to the right, who have each been dancing much longer than she has:

It was a great first show and a good turnout for the audience. Erin is definitely hooked and wants to start competition dancing next year. And the twins have renewed enthusiasm and are looking forward to their next show.

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