Wednesday, March 2, 2011

that oregon time of year

We have an 8-hour drive to our rented ski house each year, but it's a fun little trip. There is some great scenery along the way and because I thought we might hit some bad weather to slow us down this time, I suggested we leave extra early. We were on the road at 7am and since we didn't see any bad weather at all, we were first to arrive at the house, with enough daylight left for the kids to enjoy playing in the abundance of fresh snow for a couple of hours before dark.

My kids really like snow. I could barely convince them to come in the house for just long enough to put on their snow pants and boots. They just wanted to lay in it, and they did. Tasting the snow is always fun too.

Even a plain old snow shovel is novel and fun.

Over the next few days there was lots of time after skiing to play with cousins outside, build snowmen, have snowball fights.

And snuggle up at night and watch movies together.

And we also had time for some ice skating one evening. We live walking distance from an ice rink at home, but Kate and Allison had never been skating. Erin went once, at this same rink in Oregon a couple of years ago. Since I really can't skate I took photos while Terri and Randy tried to get the girls going.

They all fell a lot and had soggy pants but enjoyed themselves.
"Skating is HARD!" Kate exclaimed, "Skiing is SO much easier!"
No argument there.


MommaWriter said...

LOL. Seriously? I may suck at skiing, but at least I've got ice skating as a backup!

mommieN. said...

@ MW: I think ice-skating's harder too. Roller-blading even worse. You might be better at skiing than you think! (fun notwithstanding)

@ 2nd-happiest: I'd be thrilled to take your girls skating sometime!