Tuesday, December 28, 2010

relaxing this much is hard work

One of the things I thought the girls would really enjoy is snorkeling. There is a great reef with tons of varied fish to see right off the resort's beaches and water sports equipment is available to any guest. John got some gear and decided to let the kids try it out in one of the pools first.

Allison got the hang of it right away, she was a natural. She and John snorkeled together I think 3 or 4 different times. She loved it.

Kate did just as well and enjoyed snorkeling around the pool quite a bit, but wasn't enthusiastic about trying it in the ocean.

Erin was a completely different story. After John got Kate and Allison going in the pool he sat and worked with Erin for nearly an hour, but she couldn't get the mouthpiece in and around her teeth correctly so that she could actually breathe with it. Her unconventional jaw shape and overbite were the problems, and she really tried, but couldn't make it work. Not surprisingly, orthodontics for her is already scheduled to begin as soon as we returned home.

Apart from new water sports, the girls made their own seashell necklaces, and enjoyed a Hawaiian BBQ complete with singing Hawaiian cowboys.

Terri and Randy took Erin kayaking:

Did I mention that Allison likes snorkeling?

And the girls swam nearly all day, every day. They put on their swimsuits first thing in the morning, attending breakfast each day all suited up and got into the water soon after eating. It was nearly always about 82F and the water was always warm too. Anytime was swimming time. We had to practically drag them out for meals each day.

Lawn games:

Visiting one of Kona's smaller beaches with black sand. Allison was ready to snorkel once again, Kate found the whole idea too much work.

Since Erin couldn't snorkel she just wore fins and a vest and her goggles and held her breath to look under and see the plentiful fish.

Cousins Laura, Tim, and Sydney joined us and Allison asked to be buried.

And then some fine black sand castle construction.

Another scene on the property, walking back from the black sand beach to the kiddie pool area.

There was a lot of climbing on each other's shoulders, especially on John's shoulders, and the size of the climber didn't seem to matter.

On Christmas Eve John got the idea to have the kids try surfing. What a great idea, the resort had a number of boards right there for anyone to use. The kids never went out far and the resort's beach doesn't have much for waves since the beach lies in a little cove. Still, it was surfing and Kate LOVED it.

Erin and Allison were successful too, but neither kept up with it the way Kate did.

Twin surfing:

On Christmas day we went back to the beach and all Kate wanted to do was surf, and she did, off an on, for probably 2 hours.

More kayaking for Erin, with cousin Laura this time.

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