Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the luau

Perhaps the biggest event of the week was the big Luau on wednesday evening. Kona village hosts this Luau every week. In preparation for the big event, kids were invited to come make their own grass skirts in the morning. Erin helped Grandma make a skirt when we were here in 2006,

now we had a crew of five young cousins taking part.

I like the look on Allison's face as she studies the instructor's technique.

Skirts completed, kids were then invited to learn a hukilau hula dance. Lucy and my girls tried to learn, Lucy's younger sister Anne Marie (2) sat that part out.

Then that evening we gathered at the Luau and watched them unearth the pig that had been roasting in the ground for the past several hours.

And the kids who practiced the Hula that day got to come on stage and dance for the dinner crowd. Erin decided that the grass skirt-making and hula practice was okay, but going up on stage would be embarrassing, so she skipped it. The twins and Lucy got a kick out of the show and I tried to get a good video but this inconsiderate hula stage mom kept blocking out Kate.

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