Friday, December 31, 2010

end of year extras

I think I managed to blog about the significant events in our family this year. By "significant events", I mean those occasions where I thought about them enough to bring my camera along.

Sometimes I just didn't get enough good photos to post here, or in sitting down to write I realized that I just didn't have much to say. So there are some things we did and some photos I took that I didn't mention yet, and here are a few of those. Mainly, I just liked these particular photos from 2010 for some reason and thought that they were worthy of sharing.
A visit to a miniature train museum:

A tour of the Jelly Belly Factory. Those Ronald Reagan pictures were made entirely of beans. I considered buying one for my friend Trish, who I know would find a place of honor to display them in her home. Sadly, they weren't for sale.

A visit to a renovated small children's park and zoo while Oma and Opa were visiting.

And a surprising, extra-strange thing I noticed when looking through the photos from that day. See the woman with the baby in the background behind Kate? I know her, I've known her for years, yet for the life of me I do not think I noticed her that day and I don't think she noticed us either.

Erin talking with her girl scout leader at their end of year meeting last June:

I take a lot of pictures of the girls on rides, but I don't know why. They almost always turn out terribly, but here is a cute one from a small ride at a street fair we attended over the summer.

Kate and her buddy Jake at school, looking like they're out to make trouble for someone, and they often do.

Relaxing at Uncle Jeff's after swimming.

Kate trying to dodge my camera.

Playing with cousin Tim at home. Another great look for Allison.

And finally, making Christmas cookies with grandma and Uncle Jeff the weekend before we went to Hawaii. Always a favorite activity.

And with that I feel ready to move on to the new year.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing the final pictures of the year 2010 and looking forward to see pictures of the your adventures 2011!!!