Wednesday, March 24, 2010

home opener

Following Erin's lead, the twins decided that this spring they wanted to play softball also. Erin, a two-year veteran of the 5 and 6 year-olds division, got to move up and be in the 8 year-old division this year. They all have practice on tuesday evenings (but different places, naturally). They all have games on saturday mornings, and Erin additionally has games on thursday nights. But we ditched not only a day of school with our last ski trip, but also the girls' first softball games of the season. A small concession in my eyes, and the girls really didn't seem to mind either. So last weekend was our home opener, and everyone was very excited.

Opa reported to the field at an unearthly hour for a saturday (8am) to warm up with the girls.

Then the game was on. Kate and Allison play for the Blue Dolphins, and it's hard to believe that it's been only 2 years since Erin played her first game, because it kind of feels like a decade. Watching 5 year-olds play softball is sometimes painful, but I think the twins did well. They certainly paid attention to the game better than Erin ever did at that age.

For my part, I am their team admin, or official team mom as some people call it, because I don't have enough to do.

Since Erin's game started later, she and Opa enjoyed hot chocolate and were no doubt discussing the finer points of the game since dad used to play quite a bit of baseball.

Each of the girls managed to hit the ball, which isn't a given at this age even with a tee.

But I was most impressed with Kate as she played first base. She was alert and focused, and in practicing with her I think she has a bit of natural talent for throwing and catching. She may be our most conservative skier, but she has the makings of our best softball player.

Allison played first base at one point too, but she was always so distracted by what the first base coach was yelling to the runners that she was never looking at her teammates in order to catch the balls they were throwing to her.

After their game we drove across town to see Erin play.

New in this higher division is the position of catcher. Erin had a fun with her first time there.

It was a hectic morning, but a good first (of many, many) softball saturdays.

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