Wednesday, April 21, 2010

tennis finale

Finally came the purpose of our entire trip to San Diego. We met up with the team the evening before for dinner, and again at breakfast that morning. The team seemed entertained by the girls and their enthusiasm about being with Laura again.

The team had several matches to play against two other colleges and we were there to cheer them on. This was the third spring that Erin travelled to see Laura play, but the first time for the twins. When we arrived the team was still practicing and the girls were mesmerized by being seated so close to the powerful hitting.

That first afternoon of tennis was especially exciting because of a fantastic doubles match that Laura played and won.

Eventually though the twins especially got a little wrestless with sitting and watching so I had their travel backpacks filled with activities for them to do. The novelty of that too wore off after a while and they sometimes got into trouble around the courts--talking too loudly, wandering in the wrong areas, even stepping down onto the courts once or twice. I thought for sure they were driving everyone nuts but Laura's teammates seemed to enjoy them and one of the umpires told me, at the end of the second day, that he was going to miss seeing the girls around the tennis center, as there aren't often children there.

This being Laura's senior year, it was our last opportunity to see her play at this level, and we were very glad that we didn't miss it.

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